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To order from our business, please visit our website @

When you arrive at the site, do the following, so that you will have access to shop:

A.Click on VISITOR (U.S. or Canada)
B.REGISTER as a Member, Client (FREE) or an I.B.O. (see site for explanation)
C.Use our I.B.O. # 1077086 and our Key = LEW 
D.Click on SHOP for any and all items, as well as categories of products and services.  
E.See all of the OPTIONS, as well as PARTNER STORES.
F.If you don't understand how to locate products that interests you most, enter the name or category of the product that you want at the top of the page under SEARCH .
G.If you already have the item name and item number, click on VIEW CART, at the left side of the page, and enter the SKU #.

When, if ever, in any doubt on how to order, simply phone # (800) 253-6500 and speak with a customer service representative. Have our I.B.O# 1077086 available. 

Or go directly to

We thank you for shopping with us.

Russell  G. Lewis
This page was last updated on: January 17, 2015
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